Remote Central CES 2004 Video

Remote central have just released their video of the CES 2004 show… “Earlier this month, North America’s largest electronics trade show was held in Las Vegas, Nevada: CES 2004. This show is one of the most popular launching grounds for new consumer electronics and, amongst thousands of other innovative products this year, we found several brand new remote controls.

Today I’m pleased to release our fourth video, the Virtual CES 2004 Tour. It’s approximately four-and-a-half minutes long and highlights several new and soon-to-be-ready remotes, including the current state of Universal Remote Control’s Home Theater Master MX-3000 color touchscreen model, three new mid-priced hard buttoned remotes from the makers of the popular MX-500 and MX-700, the Harmony SST-688, which is the latest in Intrigue Technologies’ family-oriented remote control lineup, a slew of new remotes from GE, a remote control for dummies and much more”.

You’ll find links to both low and high-quality versions of the video on the new CES 2004 report page, which is also where you’ll find other show-related information in the near future. If you can wait for the download, I strongly recommend the higher quality version as it looks and sounds much better!


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