RFID Hand Implant to Open Your Front Door

Automating your front door lock is pretty cool. Automating your access with RFID is even better. But embedding RFID chips in your own hand so you just need to wave it in front of the door tops the lot! The latest episode of the free IPTV Tech show – Systm.org, includes some very interesting footage for all home automators…

“Systm Episode 6 – The 2006 Maker Faire presents the do-it-yourself community with thousands of finished projects and inspired ideas. For their inaugural expo, Systm host, Dan Huard enlists the help of DigitalLife’s Patrick Norton to scour the showroom floors and find the best projects. For this episode, Pat and Dan make music through their fingertips, ride a self-powered unicycle, push a car to 100 miles per gallon, and even get an exclusive interview with Phil Torrone, senior editor of Make Magazine.

Download Systm 6   :   rfidtoys

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