SmartHouse Magazine Subscription Offer

After seeing the announcement below on this site, Maze Media have sent details of the first issue plus a special subscription offer to readers of this site.

“Just to bring you up to date, the first issue goes on sale next Friday 6th October, in WH Smiths, Martins etc plus independents. We are offering subscriptions and if you would like to include this on your website we will offer anyone who subscribes a 40% discount. This means six issues for £10.50! To subscribe call 01454 642 456 and quote AHSH. For anyone in the US – £16 for six issues and £32 for 12. This is a special launch offer. They can either ring 44 (0) 1454 642456, quoting AH, or fax 44 (0) 1454 620080 or send payment to: Smart House Subscriptions, Bradley Pavilions, Bradley Stoke North, BRISTOL, BS32 0PP.”

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