Home Automation SMS Control with Compulogics LinkTx

UK company Compulogic have just released their new LinkTx product. This unit is an SMS based monitoring unit, with multiple applications, including home automation.

“The LinkTx is an SMS based monitoring unit, allowing a GSM mobile or GSM enabled computer system to receive alarms and other information from remote locations. Additionally, text messages can be sent to turn equipment on or off and receive up to date measurement and alarm information directly to a mobile phone or PC. An optional combined Ethernet and GPRS web server module is also available enabling all monitored LinkTx inputs and outputs to be viewed or changed in a web browser.

With LinkTx, Emergency conditions, for example equipment failure, flooding, fire or intruder entry are immediately notified to up to four mobile telephone numbers. All information is presented in a clear and easy to read format on the Mobiles display. Text message status reports can be requested at any time from the LinkTx unit such as:

  • Alarm Summary Report shows status of all monitored conditions (OK or Alarm).
  • Detailed Report shows current values of monitored conditions e.g. voltages and temperatures.
  • Settings Reports shows current settings for triggering alerts e.g. battery volts, temperatures, contact positions.

In addition to monitoring functions LinkTx has three output control signals which can be used to turn equipment on or off remotely from a GSM mobile phone or PC. The output control signals interface to the Compulogic switching modules available as accessories for the LinkTx and can switch loads of up to 16 AMPS at 240V AC or 12V DC.

Text message commands may be sent to the LinkTx unit to perform functions such as setting mobile numbers to receive alert messages, setting alert threshold values for battery volts, temperature etc. and setting optional password and incoming number filtering. A unique template driven text message command system virtually eliminates the need to remember commands making the system very simple to setup and use.”

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