SmartHome Text Controls Heating with Mobile Phone

SmartHome Text is a new product that solves a problem we are often asked about here at Automated Home – how can I turn on the heating at my holiday home before I arrive. Using its built in GSM modem, this £700 device allows you to control your heating system by phone complete with text message reply of status.

“At last a way of remotely controlling the home without having to install a completely new heating system. Your property can keep you up to date on the status of the heating and alarm status by an SMS text message… We have been supplying intelligent heating, ventilation and lighting control systems for many years and often been asked if our remote control options are available to people who do not have a smartkontrols system and now this is possible.

The answer is the SmartHome Text, a small controller with a built in GSM ( mobile ) phone to keep you in touch with your property.

Now if you have a second property, a holiday cottage or you simply travel a lot, you can install a SmartHome Text module to get your remote control.
So when you are planning to visit the property, you simply dial the number, the heating is enabled and you get a text message to confirm the current status.

For convenience, when you are in the property, there is a override button to allow you to toggle the SmartHome Text and enable the heating on and off.
There is also the possibility to monitor and report on 2 status or alarm inputs. This means that if you have an alarm available when the boiler water level goes low, then this can be used to send an alarm to your mobile.”

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1 Comment on "SmartHome Text Controls Heating with Mobile Phone"

  1. Charles Anthony Blair | May 31, 2009 at 6:48 pm |

    This would be great if it worked off a land line. I have no mobile reception. Please help!

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