£120 Projector Gives 6 Foot Image


OK so it’s probably not going to win any awards for image quality, but at just £120 this composite only 960×240 LCD projector it might be a candidate for some big screen Wii action for the family this Christmas.

“Turn any room into a cinema or big-screen games room with this great projector from the makers of Pyramat.  The AL-100 Entertainment Projector is compatible with TV, VCR, DVD Players, most games consoles and other video sources.  Simply plug in, point and project – it’s that easy!

It’s got built in speakers and a can project up to 80″ (200cm) screen size (diagonal dimension), so has everything you need to create your own cinema.  It even comes with a vertical projection stand, so you can project onto your ceiling if you wish! Imagine playing the latest X-Box,PS3 or Wii game or watching your favourite film or the big game on your living room wall!  It’s just great!”


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