14 New EU Home Z-Wave Products Coming Soon

We’ve received this press release on new, soon to be released, EU Z-Wave modules, including this funky looking remote. The UK has been crying out for more Z-Wave products for the last 18 months or so.  Lets hope this is the start of them arriving now.

“Copenhagen, 11. June 2007 – In the course of the Z-Wave Alliance  UnplugFest leading manufacturers tested 14 new home control products soon to be introduced in the European market against existing Z-Wave enabled  products. These new products expand the existing Z-Wave portfolio of home control devices to over 150 products world wide. This event further highlights the leadership of Z-Wave as the standard for wireless home control and its broad acceptance in the industry.

In the course of the UnplugFest, a dozen manufacturers tested the interoperability of 14 new home control products soon to be released in the EU market. These included industry leaders such as Danfoss as well as middle-sized companies such as Bulogics, Innovus, Aspalis, Tell It Online and others.  Interoperability tests were in the center of the UnplugFest where different products or applications from different manufacturers were tested in depth with previous and current Z-Wave technology versions. Alliance members conveyed that no problems were observed underlining the high degree of maturity and the extensive compatibility of the new products with previous products or earlier versions of the Z-Wave technology.

Comprehensive interoperability between different vendors, applications, and versions of the wireless Z-Wave platform is a requirement for product certification and of prime importance for open standard home control applications in the European market. “The Alliance encourages coordination and collaboration between industry manufacturers ensuring continued technological advancement and functional interoperability.  This assures consumers homogeneous ways of installation, configuration, and use of Z-Wave based solutions“. The recent Unplug Fest event, our third in Europe, as well as the ever increasing number of Alliance members and products is a testament to the maturity and world wide adoption of the Z-Wave standard for wireless home automation, says Mark Walters, Vice President of the Z-Wave Alliance.”

www.z-wave.com : www.zwavealliance.org : www.zen-sys.com [Now sigmadesigns.com]

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