4 Channel CCTV Video/Data/Power Combiner Hub

Here’s an interesting product if you are considering installing a CCTV system in your home. The new Vi1204VPD from Vigitron allows the video signal, Pan Tilt Zoom data and power all to be sent along a single CAT5 cable…”Vi1204VPD is a passive transeceiver device that combines video, PTZ data, and camera power over a single 4-pair UTP cable to simplify CCTV instalations in a structured wiring environment. It supports up to 4 cameras for up to 750 feet and is designed to be installed in the control room… The Vi1204VPD receives low-voltage camera power from any third-party multi-output Class 2 power supply. Each camera power output is equipped with a self-resetting fuse for extra protection. The data connections to the DVR are through 4-pair RJ-45 cables. All equipment follow industry-standard EIA/TIA 568B pinouts. The Vi1204VPD is an ideal CCTV component for structured cabling environment.
* Combines Video, Power, and Data into a single RJ-45 4-pair cable for up to 750 feet (250m)
* Power present indicator for each camera
* 60 dB cross talk and noise immunity
* High-Density, 1U Rack-Mountable with a VI0010 panel
* Individual 1.5 A self-resetting power fuse for each channel
* Can use any third party class 2 power supply
* Designed for structured wiring applications
* Limited Lifetime warranty”

vigitron.com   :   Via HomeToys.com

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