7 Zone HiDef Cat5 Video Matrix

This looks like something all home automators would be delighted to have in their homes. Couldn't find a price, but I get the feeling if you have to ask…

"6-in x 7-out audio/video matrix capable of routing HD signals over Cat 5 cable to multiple remote locations – The AVAtrix is a matrix configuration of HD component video, digital audio and stereo audio signals. Any of six sources may be routed to multiple remote Wallplates or to the main output at any time. Each of the AVAtrix's Cat 5 outputs is terminated at a Model 9878 Wallplate which provides a connection point for component video, digital audio, and stereo analog audio. Audio Authority's balanced line architecture along with our special cable length compensation circuitry, allows the signal to be transmitted up to 1,000 feet while preserving high definition signal clarity and vibrancy. (See the feature overview for details.)

Audio and video signals are carried on two Cat 5 cables to each Wallplate. A return pathway for an IR receiver* is also included in the Cat 5 cable run. This pathway allows the desired source to be selected remotely via IR. The Wallplates also have a convenient F-connector as a pass-through for an antenna connection which allows terrestrial HD content from the Wallplate (a coaxial cable must be run for antenna functionality).

Seamlessly Integrate Digital and Analog Video HD Sources
The AVAtrix makes it easy to view both YPbPr component and DVI (or HDMI) video sources on a high definition TV with a digital video input. Both DVI and YPbPr video signals are routed to the unit's main outputs; however, a special circuit converts YPbPr signals to DVI, so both analog and digital signals are available on the DVI main output. So, if you have a display with a digital video input, you can select all connected sources without changing the video input to the display, simplifying the entertainment experience.

Integrator Solutions
The AVAtrix is easy to install right out of the box, and loaded with all the features and options that custom installers need for integrated applications. It ships with its own IR remote control, but it can learn IR commands from other brand remotes or operate via RS-232 commands from a 3rd party remote control system. Each source input can be given a custom name that is displayed on the vacuum fluorescent display. A flash memory slot allows easy firmware upgrades and provides a way for installers to quickly perform setup tasks using a PC to configure the AVAtrix."


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