Abitana Miniature DIN-rail Audio Amplifier for Smart Home Installs

Abitanana audio amplifier for DIN-rail mount

Abitana have launched a brand new audio amplifier that can be mounted on DIN-rail.  Its small size means it can be used in wall and ceiling cavities, making it idea for smart home installs.  The 2x20W RMS stereo Class D output can be used as part of a multi-room set-up or controlled individually with a potentiometer.

“Abitana extends its range with a unique miniature audio amplifier for DIN-rail mount. Although it fits the palm of your hand, it will amaze any audiophile with its dynamic and detailed musical sound.  The 2x20W RMS stereo Class D audio power amplifier provides Class AB amplifier performance with Class D efficiency. This device works from a single 14VDC supply, has click-and-pop suppression as well as short-circuit and thermal protection.  Further the amplifier has a direct line level audio input and output on front-side 3.5mm stereo jacks. Loudspeakers are connected via spring-loaded contacts on the front.

As part of abitana’s Smart Music range, this new amplifier offers a lot of extra application scenarios. Beside that installation has been simplified much thanks to a multifunctional RJ45 on top of the module. The device can be connected to either a ABI-MM1002S05 Multiroom Multisource Module, or directly to a MM1000Sxx Radio & &Control Module (RCM).

The gain and mute of the amplifier can be controlled by either a Smart Music RCM or a remote volume control potentiometer (ABI-MM1005SSI or ABI-MM1005SWH) via the topmounted RJ45, either by a 0-10V home automation control signal on a dedicated jack.

The ABI-MM1001S40 replaces the current amplifiers ABI-MM1001S06 and ABI-MM1001S22 and beats its predecessors on all areas. Thanks to the DIN-rail mount and plug and plug installation technique the amplifier installs in seconds. The small size guarantees efficient use of space in the patch cabinet and allows easy installation in a ceiling cavity wall.”

The unit costs around £160+VAT  – www.abitana.com

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