Abode Launch New UK DIY Smart Security System

Adobe System - UK Smart Security System

Here’s a brand new Smart Home Security system that’s just launched in the UK.


Abode systems today announced a partnership with Kings Secure Technologies, one of the UK’s largest independent fire and security providers to bring the abode smart home security system to the United Kingdom.

DIY Installation & Monitoring

The system is designed for DIY installation…

…simple installation process that can be done without the help of a professional installer. The modular nature of the security system allows users to select the components they want to add-on to their security system.

It can be self-monitored too, or augmented by a professional monitoring centre for 24/7 peace of mind. Adobe Systems say that flexible monitoring is also available in packages of 3 or 7 days to keep your home secure during a weekend away or while on holiday.


Out of the box it features compatibility with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa as well as “robust smart home support” that includes Zigbee and Z-Wave.

The abode Smart Security Kit includes:

  • abode gateway – the hub of the system which features a 93 dB siren, 4G connectivity for cellular backup capabilities and the ability to add up to 160 smart devices.
  •  Mini Door/Window Sensors – to protect against the most common entry point for burglars/intruders.
  • Motion Sensor – to provide a 110° field of motion detection and trigger motion-based alerts.
  • Keyfob – to provide quick and easy remote arm/disarm of the security system even if it is offline.

The £299 abode Smart Security Kit is now available for pre-order now from goabode.co.uk

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