ADA Switcher Does 16 Source into 96 Zones

The “Suite 16” is a multiroom AV distribution system that can expand to an incredible 16 Source into 96 Zones

“When it comes to a flexible and expandable multi-room mainframe, Suite 16 is by far the best system available. It accepts as many as sixteen source components (audio and video) and distributes them in sixteen zone increments up to ninety-six zones (96). This type of flexibility is specifically intended so that each and every acoustical area of a home receives its own discrete preamplifier, making it possible to contour the sound specifically to that environment. The Party Control feature permits room tracking such that several areas that are architecturally open to each other can still operate as independent zones even though they share the same source component. The Suite 16 system also enables what ADA has coined “Home ESP — Entertainment, Surveillance, & Paging” which permits room to room paging as well as the integration of close-circuit TV cameras into the system. From a telephone you can page a room or a group of rooms. If someone is ringing your doorbell, the camera’s images can automatically appear on TVs and touch screens (including ADA’s TS-5000). Lastly, Suite 16 is card based, making it easy to expand and most important, letting you purchase just the modules and cards that you need.”  (

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