Affordable Panasonic Pan/Tilt IP CCTV Camera with Audio and H.264

Panasonic IP CCTV BL-C210 BL-C230


The new Panasonic BL-C210 is a pan/tilt IP network CCTV camera that employs H.264 video compression to reduce the bandwidth requirements on your home network whilst maintaining image quality.  The £160 wonder's feature count includes a built-in passive infrared sensor, emailed movement notifications, integrated microphone and speaker, external inputs and PoE (power over Ethernet).  Its wireless sibling, the BL-C230 is also now available for the freedom of locating that Wi-Fi brings… 

"Overview of Panasonic BL-C210 – The Panasonic BL-C210 is a pan/tilt network camera designed for use in domestic locations or small businesses. Pan/tilt functionality allows remote control of the camera's lens, allowing you to view a greater area with a single camera. The BL-C210 also features a built-in web server, enabling you to view a video feed from it over the internet using any standard web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. Included Panasonic software gives you an out-of-the-box monitoring and recording solution if you require more options for viewing and recording. H.264 video compression will reduce the bandwidth demands placed on your home or small business network while maintaining image quality.

The BL-C210 has a built-in passive infrared sensor, which can detect intruders and trigger alarms even in complete darkness. To complement this, it also has colour night view capability, which automatically adjusts the image in poor lighting conditions. Built-in motion and audio detection notifies you via e-mail of any activity in the camera's field of view and will trigger recording. A built-in microphone enables you to hear an audio feed from the camera's environment, if required, and the integrated speaker can sound an audible alarm. The camera also features 3x digital zoom, allowing you to monitor specific areas in greater detail.

The BL-C210 has a privacy button that can be pressed to close the camera lens, preventing unwanted exposure. This can be useful in domestic situations when the camera might only be required while the house is empty. Two external inputs allow you to expand the camera's capabilities for a wide variety of applications.

The BL-C210 is a Power over Ethernet camera. Both power and network connectivity can be supplied to the camera using a single cable, simplifying installation and reducing cost of implementation.
Key features & benefits of Panasonic BL-C210

  • Pan/tilt functionality allows you to remotely control the camera's lens, enabling you to monitor a larger area with just one camera
  • H.264 video compression reduces demands on home or small office networks while maintaining image quality
  • olour night view automatically increases the sensitivity of the camera in poor lighting conditions for a clearer image (down to 3 lux)
  • Built-in passive infrared sensor can detect intruders and trigger alarms even in complete darkness. Built-in motion and audio alarms can notify you via e-mail and trigger recording
  • Integrated microphone and speaker allows you to listen in to the camera's surroundings and trigger an audible alarm, if required
  • Privacy button provides a one-press solution to shut the camera lens, protecting yourself from unwanted exposure
  • External inputs enable you to customise the camera to suit a wide variety of applications
  • Power over Ethernet sends power and network connectivity to the camera through just one cable
  • Compatible with SecurityStation online Video Surveillance as a Service"

BL-C210 available Here : BL-C230 available Here 

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  1. What is slightly annoying is that PoE means using Panasonics proprietary PoE, this unit will not work with any other PoE source!

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