AH0016 – The xPL Home Automation Protocol

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This time we’re joined by Ian Lowe and Mal Lansell of the xPL Project.  We discuss how the open source Home Automation Protocol came about, how it aims to be the “glue” in your smart home setup and the variety of hardware that can talk to each other through the systems hub.

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Check out the show notes below for all the links to the subjects covered…

Featured Interview – Ian Lowe and Mal Lansell from the xPL Project

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1 Comment on "AH0016 – The xPL Home Automation Protocol"

  1. Chris Hunter | August 7, 2008 at 5:57 pm |

    Very interesting … good to hear them talking about what & how they’re doing … good to hear how they’re thinking …

    wonder if iPhone or iPod Touch will figure in their future ?

    interesting to hear Idratek mentioned … shame they seem to see as having too-much overlap, ‘cos it might provide a very useful vehicle for its (Idratek’s) extension !

    wonder if the rumoured Mac-tablet will provide what they’re dreaming of … ?

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