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AlertMe SmartPlug

Our friends over at AlertMe continue to improve and develop their smart home security system. Recent additions are a beautiful new interface for the iPhone (other phones supported soon), the announcement of an API for developers to interface to the system and most interestingly news that “SmartPlug” is on the way.

SmartPlug will be the first product in the AlertMe Energy Saving Range.  Due in the next few weeks and rumoured to cost around £25, the SmartPlug will be dual purpose.  Firstly it will allow you to control the appliance plugged into it (a la X10, Z-Wave etc).  However, cleverly, it will also be able to monitor the electricity being used by that appliance too.  It doesn’t take long to see the benefits of such a device, especially when linked to the smarts of the AlertMe hub.  A single button on your keyfob can now arm your alarm as you leave AND switch off the Coffee Machine and table lamps.

The new AlertMe iPhone / iPod Touch Application is now available at You can view and change the status of your alarm, see who’s at home, look at your event history and view the temperate sensor values around your house.  AM say they are also working on a version to work on a wider range of phones in the coming months.

Finally, the AlertMe API (that’s used for the iPhone interface above) is now being offered to 3rd parties.  AM are looking for developers to get in touch with the company if they wish to interface to their device.  An API is one of the many improvements we wanted to see from AM in our in-depth review of the system, and we’re impressed with how far the system has come in recent months. : Our In-Depth AlertMe Review : Listen to our Podcast with AlertMe

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  1. Wow great, a UK plug and iPhone. Keep it coming.

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