AlertMe Announce Lower Pricing Plus Starter Kit


Innovative UK smart home security system AlertMe (see our in-depth review) have just announced a reduced monthly subscription – down from £11.99 to £9.99.

They’ve also increased the monthly text message allowance from 20 to 50. On top of that they have launched a new £149 “Starter” Kit (the previous £399 kit will now be known as the “Premium”).  The Starter ships with a Hub, a motion sensor and a keyfob, but has the GPRS and Battery backup removed to save costs.

“We’ve improved the value of the monthly subscription, by reducing the cost from £11.75 to just £9.99 (including VAT), and by increasing the number of included text messages from 20 to 50. Existing customers will see the improved subscription in their next monthly billing. Any extra texts beyond that are then charged at only 5p.

Of course you still get GPRS backup of the broadband link, two-way connection by email, free software upgrades as new features appear, logging of all your history data on the web, Customer Support between 9am and 9pm 7 days a week and more.

We’ve launched a new kit priced at only £149 called the Starter Kit. This is in addtion to our original kit which is now called the Premium Kit and costs £399. The Starter Kit consists of a Hub, a motion sensor and a keyfob and is ideal for anyone living in a one or two bedroom property, or indeed anyone just wanting to get started with AlertMe at the lowest possible price. Of course any of the increasing number of AlertMe accessories can be added to it.

Apart from the number of accessories, the two other main differences from the Premium Kit are that the Hub doesn’t include GPRS backup or battery backup, which is fine as long as your mains and broadband connection are reasonably reliable; and also it is sold on a “Pay As You Go” tariff.

Just as with prepay mobile phones, it comes with a “top up pot”, already filled with 50 texts. After that, every text sent costs 15p. When the pot is empty, it can easily be topped-up again by credit or debit card. To pre-order your Starter Kit call us on 0845 200 2873 today! ”  :  Our AlertMe Review  :  Our AlertMe Podcast

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