AlertMe Reveal Future Product Ideas


AlertMe, the UK based wireless home monitoring company is looking for input from users and potential purchasers on some of their ideas for up-and-coming additions to their system.

The survey reveals some interesting ideas like this “Slate”.  Watch the video below for an idea on what AlertMe is all about, then take the short survey (£200 prize draw for one lucky entrant!) and rate their ideas.  Don’t forget to tell them what you’d really like to see in the free text entry at the end too.

“Slate is a thin, postcard-sized display which is completely wireless and can be easily attached anywhere in your home. It is a black-on-white display – like printed paper – and you can configure it from the website to display live internet content, for example: * Weather Forecast * News headlines * Travel news * Your Google calendar…and indeed any web content you like. It’s almost like a magic piece of paper. Imagine …

  • Seeing the local weather forecast – and relevant travel news – at a glance as you leave the house in the morning
  • Scanning the BBC News headlines while you shave
  • Checking what’s on TV tonight as you arrive home
  • Reviewing your stock portfolio as you make tea
  • Checking your spouse’s calendar while you’re on the phone

… all at a glance, without having to press any buttons, or start-up your computer or open your phone.”

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