Amulet Release 2nd Generation Voice-enabled Remote

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Amulet Devices are a young Irish based company and we recently featured their innvative voice controlled remote in the e-Home Automation show house.  This week they are launching the 2nd Generation Voice-enabled Amulet Remote at CES in Las Vegas, the first voice-enabled remote control designed specifically for Windows 7 Media Center.  Read on for the shipping date and price…

Amulet Devices will launch their new second generation voice-enabled Remote control for Windows Media Center at CES 2010 in Las Vegas, running from 7-10 January.  Fully compatible with Microsoft’s new Windows 7 Media Center, as well as supporting existing Windows Vista users, the Amulet Remote uses simple voice commands to provide instant access to any media item in your digital library – music, television programs, movies, home videos and photos.

Building on the company’s previous successful voice-enabled remote for Windows Vista, a CES i-stage nominee, the new product features a sleek new case design, improved voice capability and full IR learning capability.  CEO Garry McMullan said, “CES is the most important show we attend each year, and we can’t wait to let visitors get some hands on experience with our new model. I know they’ll be amazed.”  President, Amulet Devices US Pat Lawless added, “The early feedback from customers who have previewed the new Amulet Remote has been exceptional, and demand is very high. This is the remote Media Center users have been waiting for.”

In conjunction with product availability Amulet Devices are launching an Early Adopter Program (EAP) for a select number of end-users and resellers. Early adopters will have access to the newest Amulet® products and the opportunity to provide suggestions on the features of new products before they are released.

The Windows 7 Amulet Voice Remote is due to ship in Q1 2010 and will retail for $249. For more information, including demonstration videos, visit the company’s website.”

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  1. I’m surprised more people don’t know about the Amulet Remote. Once you get used to accessing all your Media center files this quickly it is very hard to go back to just using a normal remote.

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