Another Ethernet DVD/DivX Player

Just spotted this new ethernet DivX player for £160 (£200 with wireless option)…

“The DVX-500 connects directly to your PC via Ethernet or Wireless LAN (optional) and allows the user to access all media files directly on the PC. The “media server” software is installed on the PC, the media files you wish to view are then selected using an intuitive interface driven by the remote control for the DVX-500. The DVX-500 can play pretty much anything you can throw at it, DVD, Xvid, Divx, MPEG 4 to name just a few”.

It doesn’t just play films either. The DVX-500 will play all your audio files through its Dolby digital output as well as displaying digital photos. If your PC is connected to the internet you also get a host of web radio stations to listen to as well and free firmware updates!

Setting up is simplicity itself, just install the media server on the the PC select which files you wish to share with the DVX-500 and connect the unit via the Ethernet cable (included) or the wireless LAN (optional). Then sit in front of the TV to listen and watch all of your downloaded files to your hearts content!!”


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