Archos Announces TV+


Archos TV+

As the market to bring digitial video files to your TV hots up, here's another device to join the fray.  The wifi equiped Archos TV+ is also a PVR so it can record up to 100 hours of your TV shows as well as playback media files.


"The ARCHOS TV+ is the first WiFi Digital Video Recorder that provides the easiest access to content, and the most advanced features of any DVR today. ARCHOS TV+ combines a WiFi Media Player with a high-capacity DVR for enjoying movies, music, photos, podcasts, Web video, the full Internet and more right on your widescreen TV. With up to 250GB of capacity on a multimedia hard drive, you can record hundreds of hours of video and transfer content via high speed to your ARCHOS Portable Media Players.

Archos TV+

  • Record and schedule your favorite TV shows and movies in high quality with the TV program Guide
  • Download movies, TV shows and music wirelessly from the ARCHOS Content Portal for playing on your TV
  • Stream digital entertainment content from your PC to your TV
  • Surf the Web1, access online email, and enjoy Web video from sites like YouTube® and Dailymotion®
  • Sync your recorded TV shows to your ARCHOS portable media player at high speed, and take your home theatre wherever you go (a 2-hour movie syncs in only 10 minutes)
  • Play and store nearly limitless content-up to 300 movies2-on an 80GB or 250GB multimedia hard drive."


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