Asgard Parcel Delivery Box is In When You’re Not

Parcel Delivery Box

So you want to buy something.  If you’re like us you probably turn to Amazon or eBay first.  On-line shopping is great, especially for tech products for your digital home, but sometimes it can be a pain if you have to wait in for a delivery.  Asgard recon they have the answer with their updated line of Parcel Delivery Boxes.  The box is left empty and unlocked ready to receive mail and parcels. The courier puts the parcel inside, closes the lid and locks it.  Asgard say their unique ‘signed for’ system gives users the option of taking delivery of recorded items too with a unique code system which acts as ‘proof of delivery’.

Asgard launches its new range of Parcel Delivery Boxes – Bradford, West Yorkshire, April 2011 – Following months of design and development, Asgard is proud to launch a new Parcel Delivery Box range from its popular Unattended Parcel Delivery category.  The Mini Parcel Delivery Box and the Medium Parcel Delivery Box is a convenient, secure parcel box made from weatherproof galvanised steel and fitted with a robust locking system, designed to accept mail and packages delivered to your home – storing them safe, secure and dry inside the box.

How to use the Box – This easy to use Parcel Delivery Box is left empty and unlocked for to accept mail and parcel deliveries. The courier simply lifts the lid of the box and places the parcel inside, closes the lid and turns the lock, securing the parcel inside the box until you return home.
The parcel box is designed with an integral metal base with free fixings for securing to the ground, or alternatively the smaller Box can be mounted on the wall. The unique ‘signed for’ system gives users the option of taking delivery of recorded items of post with a unique code system which acts as proof of delivery*.

Tim Wilson from the Engineering Team at Asgard gave his behind the scenes insight into the development of these products.
“Asgard is known for its design and manufacture of highly secure, stylish and easy to use steel storage units, and this approach has been extended to our latest products – The Asgard Parcel Delivery Box range.  We have listened to our customer feedback and have included additional features, such as the option of either bolting the unit to the ground or making the smaller unit wall mountable, proof of delivery feature, as well as changing the locking system to a safer, user friendly and robust mechanism.”

The Parcel Delivery Box in both sizes will be available to order from the 18th April 2011 via the company website at Special introductory prices for a limited time – starting from just £129 with Free Delivery with the UK (subject to the delivery companies standard terms and conditions).

For more information about the new Parcel Delivery Box range, contact Tracey Watson, Customer Service Advisor on Tel: 08456 580 730 or via email at [email protected] ”  :  Home Automation on Amazon Home Automation on eBay

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6 Comments on "Asgard Parcel Delivery Box is In When You’re Not"

  1. Sounds like the ill-fated Hippo Box product from around 2000. One of the reasons that failed was that couriers refused to put items in the box because they didn’t really understand the whole concept. The boxes are also susceptible to neighbourhood oiks looking inside and/or randomly locking for japes. Definitely a problem that needs to be solved – just not this way IMHO

  2. Hi Patrick – We covered the Hippo in Feb 2001…

    Their website still seems to be live too.

    It all hinges on whether or not the Royal Mail and other carriers accept the system for proof of delivery. We emailed Asgard this very question yesterday but as yet we’ve had no answer.


  3. Hi Patrick,
    Thanks for your interest in the product.

    As part of our product development process, we approached a number of different courier companies in order to get feedback regarding unattended delivery boxes, and this was taken into consideration on the design and features of the new Parcel delivery range from Asgard. This feedback from courier services as well as customer feedback included the a range of sizes of the box, ensuring the box is clearly visible to courier companies, with directions to use clearly marked, which we addressed by producing labels to attach on the box, and on the door to advise the couriers, as well as a proof of delivery system for special ‘signed for’ packages..

    The proof of delivery system is a label which goes on the inside of the unit – on the lid, and contains a unique code, personalised by the customer, such a name or number. This is then noted by the courier as a confirmation of delivery.

    More information on this can be found here: Delivery box labels.pdf

    Our general feedback has been very positive, however we are continuing to develop and improve this range and so comments and questions on this are welcome.

    Best wishes

  4. Hippos still indeed live, I bought one a few months ago…that works well except for RM Special Delivery…also most couriers shut the door behind them but don’t lock it.

  5. Chris Dalton | May 31, 2011 at 3:34 pm |

    If these were commonplace I could see opportunists, driving around looking for locked boxes with a boltcutter.

  6. @Chris Dalton – I have just bought one of these and the way it works is that the boxs are kept with the Lid Closed but unlocked so you cant tell whethr they have been locked and contain parcels or not – unless you come inside every garden, walk up to the box and mess around with it…will start to look very suspicous after a few houses!!!

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