Aurora AOne Smart Home Lighting System Works With SmartThings

Aurora AOne Smart Lighting UK Launch

It’s time to sit up and take notice when a heavy weight in the lighting world like Aurora decides to create its own smart home line.


Launched in the UK last year, the AOne system uses Zigbee 3.0 (HA1.2) for its wireless mesh network. Aurora are keen to point out right from the start that it doesn’t rely on the Internet to work…

The AOne hub has a very important feature if your internet goes down then your system still works, unlike wifi solutions that rely on a cloud connection for control.

There are 2 distinct product ranges here, depending on your needs.

The ‘Smart Inside‘ line can be paired with the AOne hub and connected either individually or as groups when managed via the AOne app. They include products such as wireless smart lamps, downlights, switches, dimmers and this double socket…

Aurora AOne Smart Sockets

The second group of products – ‘Make Smart‘ with AOne Control – are ones that enable smart control for existing non-smart lighting products. Aurora say this allows smart control to be added to over 1,000 of their products, for either new or retrofit installations. These include modules like this 320W Inline Dimmer

AOne Aurora Smart Dimmer


While Aurora have their own AOne Smart Hub, the bigger attraction here may be these devices compatibility with SmartThings.

Aurora devices will also work directly with Amazon Echo, and the Google assistant.

We will also be officially integrated locally with Amazon’s zigbee speakers, Echo Plus, Echo show etc in the coming weeks an investment of nearly £50,000 to have the range as an official partner.

Aurora AOne Integration Partners

And Aurora have told us they are also working with Hubitat to have all their devices integrated with that hub too. Aurora is working on creating drivers for other leading platforms as well.

AOne looks ideal for the DIY smart home enthusiast but if you don’t know the difference between your positive and neutral then fear not. You can search Aurora’s network of installers to have them professionally fitted.

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The full range of bulbs, sockets and sensors is available from electrical wholesalers nationwide with module prices starting from around £39. Check out the link below for all the details.

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  1. Does anyone own this kit? And how does it perform?

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