Aurora Lighting Launches New Connect.Control Bluetooth Smart Range

aurora connect.control

The Aurora Lighting Group have launched the brand new Connect.Control smart lighting range which can be setup in minutes without users needing to install a hub or download an app…

A super simple smart solution, Connect.Control can be used straight out of the box – there’s absolutely no set up required! Operated with bluetooth technology, users can manage their lighting with just a remote control, an excellent method as it means that whether it’s installed in the lounge, dining room or children’s bedroom, anyone in the household can easily set the lighting to their preference.

Remote controls can be grouped to each room and users can access six RGB colours, trigger five pre-programmed scenes, set brightness or adjust colour temperature from warm to cool.

The Connect.Control ecosystem is designed around 4 levels of control, so you can start with the Level 1 kit and then expand your system when you are ready.

  • Level 1: products work straight out of the box with the remote
  • Level 2: more Connect.Control lights can be added to the system, which all function together
  • Level 3: users can group lights and remotes together, still without the need for the app
  • Level 4: access to the Aurora BLE app, which enables users to edit the out-of-the-box 5 scenes recalled from the remote, take control of individual devices, create schedules to suit routines and access the music mode. The music mode brings lights to life when it is played either through the user’s mobile or by placing the phone near a speaker.

Check out the video below and visit for more info.

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