Automated Bath Filling System


How do you fancy filling your bath to just the right level and just the right temperature with a click of your mouse? Bath-O-Matic have just announced their automated bath filling system at the ISE show.

Integration with other control methods is available for example a touchscreen interface is supported via AMX, Crestron and TCP/IP.  The system can be installed on most baths and costs around £4,000…

  • Accurate delivery of water to your bath tub
  • By amount
  • Auto adjusts for fluctuation of pressure
  • By temperature
  • Auto adjusts for losses due to ambient temperature of bath and air
  • Have it when you want it
  • Press a button and carry on playing with your kids
  • Press a button and carry on with the buttons (bachelors friendly)
  • Click with your mouse and carry on working
  • Text your bath tub that you are freezing
  • Imagine ……… it is there for you
  • Save the environment and economise, not for the money, to reducing your footprint and prolong life on Earth
  • Water efficiency
  • Water is delivered as requested
  • The plug is always DOWN when the water is running
  • The dirty water can be pumped after use to where needed
  • Energy efficiency
  • Maintain water temperature using Watts rather then kWatts by the in-line heater
  • No need to adjust the water used to heat up the cold tub to the target temperature

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