Automatically Stop a Bath from Overflowing

Our Forums have a thread running on how to auto-fill a bath. An interesting post from a UK based inventor regarding his device, due later this year, which while not strictly home automation, looks very clever. Make sure and view the little movie on the website…

“An easy to install mechanical device to sense the water level in a bath, shutting off the flow automatically to prevent a flood. Each year millions of properties suffer flooding from taps being left on. They are often simply forgotten, occasionally by children or an elderly relative, or caused by vandals with the intention to flood. Every year in the UK , water damage due to overflowing baths and sinks costs the UK insurance industry £250 million. Even with insurance, the damage caused can be devastating. Everyone has possessions that are irreplaceable and plenty that would be ruined by water – what about the contents of your computer.

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