Barionet – Ethernet IO device

The Barionet™ is a universal, network-enabled automation interface, monitoring appliance or visualization system. With universal 10/100Mbit Ethernet connectivity, the device can be used on any network infrastructure which uses TCP/IP, for home, commercial or industrial applications.
Different types of inputs and outputs allow the use of the Barionet in a wide range of interfacing applications:

  • Twelve I/O pins offer digital and analog input and digital output capabilities.
  • Two relays can be used to activate bells, door strikes, motors, blinds, lights etc.
  • Two expansion ports offer connectivity to Dallas 1-Wire® devices such as temperature sensors and Barix extension modules… The Barionet comes with standard software featuring fully documented interfaces supporting a variety of different communication methods. UDP and TCP as well as higher level protocols (CGI, XML SOAP) can be selected and SNMP support with a private MIB is available on request.Two integrated bus connectors and the serial interfaces allow the connection of a wide range of additional I/O modules and smart sensors from various manufacturers.The serial ports can also be used independently for tunneling applications.
    By loading application specific firmware, the Barionet can be used in a wide range of applications, including Machine Data Collection, Access Control or environmental monitoring in computer rooms. In addition, the Barionet can be programmed in BASIC by the integrator, installer
    or end user, allowing the use as a stand-alone intelligent controller with network capabilities.
    With its easy installation, open interfaces and communication capabilities, the Barionet is the ideal solution to monitor, control and interface standard appliances, controls and devices to central
    management systems in home, commercial or industrial applications.Barix Website   :   Buy On-Line HERE 

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