Barix Exstreamer Now at Laser

Laser have just added the Exstreamer to their on-line catalogue.

“The Barix Exstreamer is a versatile, network connected MP3 audio player for a variety of applications. With the Exstreamer, the home user now can listen to his MP3 collection through his living room stereo or powered speakers. The Exstreamer plays MP3 files from sources such as digital audio servers, PCs or Internet radio stations. It can be easily controlled via a web browser interface using web-enabled PCs, webpads and PDAs.

The Exstreamer is suitable for multi-room distributed audio systems. With serial and Ethernet control APIs, the Exstreamer can be managed from typical home automation systems, and can stream from a common digital music server or standard web file server. In commercial applications, the Exstreamer in conjunction with the Annuncicom can be used for background music and music-on-hold applications. In addition, pages and announcements can be sent to the devices or device groups”… Installing the Exstreamer is fast and simple due to its unique features – SonicIP and IPzator: after power-up, the device will speak it’s IP address via the audio port! Connection to audio equipment is via a high level RCA output and phone jack. Configuration, control and software updates are done simply with a standard web browser.

The Exstreamer supports various control and communication modes. Software developers can develop audio applications using one of the well documented Ethernet, serial or web based interfaces. Barix zServer *(2) software, written in Java and downloadable from the Barix website, turns any PC into a Exstreamer media server.

Available here Exstreamer @ Laser.

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