Barix Introduces Exstreamer Gold


“Zurich, Switzerland, September 7, 2004 — Barix today introduced Exstreamer Gold, one of the first networked digital audio players with a built-in amplifier. The device offers custom home installers and integrators even greater flexibility when designing multi-zone distributed audio systems and digital audio streaming applications, because speakers may now be directly attached to the device without using external amplifiers.

Exstreamer Gold plays digital audio streams from sources such as PCs, digital audio servers, Internet radio stations, and analog sources (when used with Barix’s Instreamer). The device offers audio synchronization of multiple devices and is easily controlled via web browser, web pads/PDAs, and/or IR remote control. With serial and Ethernet control APIs, the device can also be managed by third-party home automation systems. Besides a direct speaker output, the audio stream is available via RCA analog, S/PDIF and coax digital outputs.

Exstreamer Gold is the first device in the Exstreamer line of products to feature a built-in-class D amplifier, which delivers 2x20W of power to 8ohm speakers. Installation and integration of the device is simple as speakers can be directly attached. This reduces the number of components required in distributed audio systems, greatly decreases installation labor costs, and, for the first time, truly simplifies the process of creating IP-based audio zones.

Exstreamer Gold is the latest addition to Barix’s award-winning, network-based distributed audio system, comprised of the Exstreamer line of products and Instreamer. Instreamer converts analog and digital audio from sources such as tuners, CD/DVD players, and cassette tapes, into MP3 streams, which can then be distributed via Ethernet or wireless network.

Together, Instreamer and Exstreamer are among the most cost-effective and flexible solutions for distributing audio using standard IP technology, whether in custom home installations, broadcast, or for large-scale commercial applications. Further, the devices allow users to integrate network-based as well as legacy digital and analog sources.


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