Belkin WeMo Insight Switch Controls & Monitors Your Appliances Remotely

Belkin has announced the UK availability of the WeMo Insight Switch. The plugin module allows UK homeowners to control their electronics and monitor their energy consumption remotely with the WeMo app (available for iOS and Android).

The Insight Switch uses 802.11n Wi-Fi to send notifications when connected devices are turned on or off, letting you know when your washing machine has finished its cycle or if the electric heater has been left on.

Users can also program their devices based on their own personal routine, or by local sunrise / sunset times. The Insight Switch works with IFTTT (if this then that) too, the online service that creates triggers using different Internet-based services such as email, weather and social media.

Belkin today announced the UK availability of the WeMo Insight Switch, revolutionising smart home innovation by allowing users to control and manage the energy usage and costs of home electronics from anywhere through their iOS or Android devices. The newest addition to the simple WeMo smart home platform, the Insight Switch is a Wi-Fi enabled compact plug that also allows users to put their devices on a schedule and receive notifications anytime a connected unit is turned on or off.

The WeMo Insight Switch plugs directly into an electrical outlet, and then a user simply connects it to the home Wi-Fi network, downloads the free WeMo app and is instantly able to turn any device plugged into the unit on or off using his or her iOS or Android device.

The WeMo Insight Switch (F7C029) is available now for £49.99  :  More WeMo Posts

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  1. Love this – the ability to control any electrical product from your phone (not just connected hardware) is a game changer

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