Biometric Garage Door Opener


The Master Lock Smart Touch is a Finger Activated Universal Garage Door Opener.  The $130 device can hold profiles for up to 20 users and comes with a seperate handheld programmer that walks the user through the enrolement process

“The Master Lock smartTOUCH™ garage door opener is the world’s first universal finger-activated garage door opener, replacing traditional keypads and keys with advanced finger -activated technology. Providing a more convenient alternative to carrying keys or remembering pin codes, a simple swipe of your finger will open/close your garage door. The product provides a homeowner the flexibility of enrolling up to 20 individual users, with the ability to add/delete or change user profiles in 3 simple steps. The Master Lock smartTOUCH™ garage door opener is a wireless, add-on product that is simple to install and easy to operate. The product works seamlessly with any manufacturer opener out of the box and comes with a relay unit that couples as an indoor wall control, along with unique handheld programmer, that prompts the homeowner with easy step by step set up instructions. The whole family can enjoy the benefits of the Master Lock smartTOUCH™ GDO, a product so SMART it recognizes you.  Features :-

  • No Keys Or Pins—Finger activated
  • Universal – Works with all manufacturer openers
  • No buttons on unit to program – tamper proof
  • Add-On Product—replaces existing fixed garage door keypads [Via:]

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