British Gas Roll Out Smart Meters

This is a sponsored post on behalf of British Gas – Many of us have changed our driving styles as car dashboards show us the miles per gallon we’re achieving.  Saving energy in the home is no different – the first step is knowing just how much you’re using.

To this end British Gas have committed to provide Smart Meters in all homes by 2019.  These meters will connect to Smart Energy Monitor displays inside your home, providing near-real time information on your energy usage in kWh, CO2 as well as pounds and pence.  In addition you’ll be able to access your historical energy data which will allow you to see how changes you are making to your lifestyle are effecting your bills as well as your carbon footprint.

British Gas have started to roll out this program and around 160,000 homes in the UK are already benefitting from having a Smart Meter installed.  This is the biggest infrastructure programme in the UK since the 1970’s, when the nation switched from coal to natural gas as main fuel.  It will also bring hassle free automatic meter readings so no more estimated bills, just pay for what you use.

These new smart meters bring benefits for home automators too.  As well as monitoring and billing, they will allow you to remotely control your energy usage.  For example you’ll be able to access your home heating system on-line via a computer or smart phone app bringing us all that promised smart home of the future!

This is a Sponsored Post on behalf of British Gas

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