Buffalo Wireless Media Player For Intel® Viiv™ Based Pcs

Buffalo have just announced a new wireless Media Player, the LinkTheater PC-P4LWAG. This is one of the first devices that will support Intel® Viiv™ Based Pcs. The unit is due on sale in the US this month (June 2006) and in Europe shortly after with a price around $250.

“6 June 2006 – Buffalo Technology, a global leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of wired and wireless networking, storage, multimedia, and memory solutions, today introduced the latest addition to its line of sophisticated LinkTheater multimedia devices, the Buffalo LinkTheater Wireless-A&G Media Player (PC-P4LWAG). The new LinkTheater is amongst the first multimedia devices designed to work with Intel® Viiv™ technology – an innovative new PC platform that will help make it easier for families to download, store and view all kinds of digital entertainment and information.

Powered by Mediabolic’s state-of-the-art Media Player software and the high-performance Philips Nexperia media processor, the Buffalo LinkTheater Wireless-A&G Media Player enables consumers to unlock and stream personal and premium content from their Intel Viiv technology-based PCs to other rooms in the house. Its intuitive TV-based user interface lets consumers browse their favorite music, photo and video files, and access a wide variety of Internet-driven applications via a remote control. The LinkTheater features AOSS™ (AirStation One-Touch Secure System), Buffalo’s unique push-button wireless installation and security configuration technology, which permits users at any experience level to effortlessly install the device on a wired or wireless network. In addition, the LinkTheater includes the capability to enable the device to remotely awaken a PC from its sleeping state.

“The ever increasing amount of entertainment choices available to consumers has created a need for a platform that unites those options into a single, manageable solution,” said Morikazu Sano, senior vice-president of global marketing at Buffalo. “Intel Viiv technology handles this nicely, and Mediabolic’s powerful software gave us the building blocks to create a new wireless LinkTheater product so that it works in the Viiv ecosystem while simultaneously allowing us to remain focused on the needs of our customers. Our new LinkTheater is a compelling product designed to work seamlessly with Intel Viiv technology-based PCs and other DLNA and UPnP media servers and delivers new entertainment experiences that consumers seek.”

Intel Viiv technology is Intel’s new brand for in-home entertainment PCs designed to transform how consumers manage, share, and enjoy a broad and growing assortment of movies, programs, music, games, and photos. The Buffalo LinkTheater provides seamless interoperability with Intel Viiv technology-based PCs and other devices on the network. The LinkTheater can present PC and Internet applications optimised for TV viewing to the consumer via the Intel Viiv Zone, which will provide over time a choice of on-demand, Internet-delivered premium content, entertainment, and information services such as full-length movies, real-time news and more through the Intel Viiv technology-based PC.

“By combining the Philips Nexperia media processor with Mediabolic’s software, we enable CE companies like Buffalo to develop flexible, cost-effective network media players that are easy for consumers to install and operate,” said Chris Day, general manager of the media processing group at Philips’ Semiconductors Division. “Support for Intel Viiv technology will give people the power to choose when, where and how they enjoy entertainment and information at home. Philips’ and Buffalo’s commitment to delivering a simple and empowering consumer experience is an important element in making the digital home, a connected home.”

“The goal of Intel Viiv technology is to provide consumers with an effortless means of accessing entertainment at any time, anywhere, and on multiple devices simultaneously within the home,” said Gerald Holzhammer, vice-president, Digital Home Group and general manager of Intel’s Consumer PC Platform Group. “Intel is working with companies like Buffalo, Philips, and Mediabolic to make this concept a reality. Our latest Intel Viiv technology software release enables the transferring of content throughout the home to devices supporting Intel Viiv technology.”

The Buffalo LinkTheater Wireless-A&G Media Player supports decoding of many leading audio (MP3, WMA, AAC, LPCM), image (JPEG, BMP, PNG), and video (MPEG 1/2/4, WMV 7/8/9, XviD) formats and codecs. It integrates a 10/100Base-T Ethernet controller, support for 802.11 a/b/g wireless networking, and a USB 2.0 port for additional connectivity with flash memory, digital cameras, or portable music and video players. The device includes composite, S-video, and D4 digital video output (note: the D4 port provides component output by way of an included adapter). The product includes Mediabolic’s standards-based Media Player software, which has been rigorously tested to comply with an array of digital home interoperability standards, including Universal Plug and Play (UPnP), Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA), and Intel Viiv technology’s support for emerging digital rights management technologies, such as DTCP-IP and Microsoft Windows Media DRM 10 for Network Devices.

“Buffalo is the number one networking peripherals company in Japan and it has begun to make its presence widely known in other geographies as a company that can quickly deliver products that consumers want,” said Daniel Putterman, president and CEO of Mediabolic. “The PC/data network is evolving into an entertainment platform, and Buffalo’s intricate knowledge of home networking perfectly positions the company to lead the market. While Intel Viiv technology is helping to deliver on the vision of simplifying and expanding digital entertainment in the living room, the Buffalo LinkTheater provides an affordable means for taking that living room experience and extending it to the entire home. We’re delighted to have once again teamed up with Buffalo to deliver the fourth in a series of product lines that will shape the future of the digital home marketplace.”

Backed by a limited two-year warranty, the Buffalo LinkTheater Wireless-A&G Media Player (PC-P4LWAG) will be available in the UK in July. For more information about Buffalo and its products, please visit the company’s website.”


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