CAT Announces Network Interface for HomeVision/Pro

Exclusive from CAT! – Network Interface Option (HV-ProNet)

  • Allows the HV software (or any software that currently connects to HV’s serial port, or your own software) to connect to HV-Pro over any TCP/IP network.
  • Optionally makes one or both of the other 2 serial ports available to the network.
  • Web server for a browser interface to HV-Pro (not sure yet if we will include web pages in first release, but users can create their own using Java applets)
  • Add-on board mounts directly to HV-Pro (no pc required)
  • An external version is also being developed that will work with the current HV model.

This feature is currently in beta and we will have more details as we approach the July release date For more information visit CAT

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