Some very interesting new CCTV products are now available from CatEye Technologies…

“CETI Cam 100 – This camera is a fully integrated cam server unit. It can be installed on any Internet connection for remote access using any web enabled browser. The camera comes equipped with three video inputs, a pan/tilt/zoom interface and fully network configured. You can hook up three of your existing analog cameras and use the existing lens to make a four camera remote view system-all designed as one unit

CETI 500 – The product supports up to six video inputs. It can be installed on existing CCTV analog systems or you can install the unit as a new system. You can view six cameras simultaneously over the internet from any web enabled browser.

Supports various protocols – HTTP,TCP, IP, FTP, telnet, ARP, RARP, PPP, PAP, CHAP, JAVA, etc.”


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