Clipsal Launch E3000 Range

Clipsal E3000

Clipsal have released a new electrical range.  The E3000 units are the usual high quality polycarbonate offering from Clipsal and they are available in Silver Grey or White.  The fittings range from standard power sockets to bell pushes, aerial sockets, LED light switches and blanking plates.  With a striking style these will fit in very well in an installation using the Neo range of C-Bus switches.

“The standard colours of Clipsal E3000 system are Grey Silver (GS) or white (WW) which incorporate blue and white LED respectively. Apart from the LED models, fluorescent indication switches are also available for options to match different decor design.

  • Large and horizontal dolly for easy operation
  • Built-in LED or fluorescent as an orientating indicator
  • Cross-type structural support to provide extra rigidity to flush plate
  • Polycarbonate finishes for durable use and much safer”

Clipsal E3000

Available From   :   PDF Info Sheet

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