Comfort gets Embedded Webserver and GSM Module

New Comfort Modules


Cytech has introduced two new products for its flagship Comfort Intelligent Home System.  The new CWM02 is a Linux powered Embedded Webserver while the UCM/GSM2 is a new GSM Module for SMS control, notification and phone dialer backup.


"The CWM02 embedded Comfort Webserver Module allows the user to access his lighting, security and home appliances on the internet using a browser. The layout of the home or office can be displayed with icons for lights, air-conditioners, heaters, doors, windows, motion detectors and cameras. The display of the icons changes in real time according to their state at that time. When doors and windows are opened, or lights and air-conditioners are switched on or off this can be seen on the browser screen. Clicking on the icons will switch the appliances and lights on or off.


Comfort CMW02

Cameras can be installed in the property to allow the user to view remotely through the internet.  Communication through the internet is encrypted using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology. Unlike some other internet access systems the CWM02 is an embedded Linux system which works without the need for a computer acting as a host or server.

Comfort UCM/GSM2The UCM/GSM2 is a new low cost GSM Module for the Comfort System which provides a backup dialer through the GSM network for the alarm system when the fixed telephone line is unavailable or has  been compromised. The module also allows SMS messages to be sent to a maximum of 8 programmed mobile phones when an alarm has been activated, or even when the security system is armed and disarmed.  This can be used for alerting parents when their children arrive home from school. It also allows authorised mobile phones to send SMS messages to the system to control appliances and the security system. The UCM/GSM2 can also be used for industrial monitoring applications and for monitoring remote unattended equipment.

The CWM02 and UCM/GSM2 are available now through Cytech's distributors around the world. : [email protected]



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  1. Dear sir/madam
    I am facing a problem with Comfort Web Server Module “CWM02.”
    As I connected the CWM02 to comfort the system was working fine, and wile I was following the step by step programming on the internet I lost the IP address and I have tried anything I can think of.
    Could you please give me some tips or solutions to find the IP address?

    Thank you for your time

    Sepehr Gheidi

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