ComfortClick Manager KNX Visualization Software

KomfortKlik, a specialist in home automation software development, is proud to present ComfortClick Manager KNX visualization software which enables full building automation and control via any device with Android, iOS, MacOS or Windows platform.

“ComfortClick Manager offers a comfortable home automation solution for system integrators and DIYs and can be implemented in residential and commercial buildings. The development goals were focused on satisfying the needs of both system integrators and end users. The result is home automation solution which is easy to use, flexible, widely applicable and affordable. Some of ComfortClick Manager key benefits are:

Building control via any device – With the growing number of different platforms that controlling devices use, it is important to have a universal solution which will work with any device. ComfortClick Manager enables efficient monitoring and control of building automation systems based on KNX via user’s preferred device, which can be anything from an iPhone to Android or Windows based device.

Automation – Although being one of the essential features, the automation part of home automation is often overlooked. An efficient home automation system should automatically provide energy savings, increased safety and comfort without the users having to do anything. ComfortClick Manager offers a wide range of automation tasks ranging from logical functions, schedules, data logging and scenes to operating time and presence simulation.

Wide applicability – The benefits of any home automation system depend greatly on the number of integrated building devices. ComfortClick Manager offers support not only for KNX but also for DSC alarm system, Global Caché devices, IP video cameras, XBMC (beta) and USB GSM modems. In the fall ComfortClick Manager’s features will be enhanced with ZigBee support.

Fast and efficient building configuration – Time is money. Probably every system integrator would like to finish system configuration in the shortest possible time with the least frustration. ComfortClick Manager software package includes configuration application which can be handled by practically anybody with some technical knowledge. System configuration requires only one GUI design, which than fits all controlling devices (Apple, Android and Windows), thus reducing the configuration time to the minimum.

Comfortable price
– When deciding for the best home automation solution it often comes down to price performance ratio. First step is usually the evaluation of product performance. In order to be as transparent as possible KomfortKlik offers a fully functional version, enabling system integrators to do all the testing before deciding to buy.

Product’s price often does not include all the costs which occur over the product’s lifetime. With ComfortClick Manager post-purchase costs are reduced to the minimum. One example is the client application which can be used on any number of controlling devices, meaning that buying a new iPhone does not include also the costs for a new license. There is also a free version of ComfortClick Manager available which can be used for smaller apartments. Short summary of the ComfortClick Manager’s key features:

  • Building control via any device with Android, iOS, MacOS or Windows platform.
  • Support for KNX system, DSC alarm, Global Caché devices, IP video cameras, XBMC (beta) and USB GSM modem. ZigBee support coming in the fall.
  • Possibility of various automation tasks (e.g. logical operations, schedules, data logging, presence simulation, etc.).
  • Fast and efficient smart building configuration. The same GUI fits all controlling devices.
  • With only one license you can use CMClient application on any number of controlling devices (iPhone, iPad, Andorid and Windows based devices).”  :  Other EIB / KNX Articles

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