Control Your Home from your iPhone with LightwaveRF Easy Retro-Fit Modules


JSJS Designs based in Birmingham in the UK have produced a range of wireless home automation products under the LightwaveRF brand. Particularly suited to the retro-fit market, it’s a large range with many different types of units available. Now there’s a the LightwaveRF Connect Wifi-Link which allows you to use a PC, Smartphone, iPhone or iPod Touch etc to remotely control any of your LightwaveRF devices using one single controller at or away from home.  Check out the video after the jump.

“A revolution in Home Control – LightwaveRF is the beginning of a new revolution in home automation technology. It is a breakthrough in design that, for the first time, has allowed a range of sophisticated and stylishly crafted devices to be assembled that are affordable and accessible to everyone.

The concept of home automation has been around for many years but has never become mainstream due to the high cost and complexity of the solutions on offer. LightwaveRF has already begun to change all of this by offering a high level of sophistication and functionality at a fraction of the price of most other systems.

Wherever you see the LightwaveRF symbol, it means that your device has this unique technology built-in and can be linked together with other LightwaveRF devices to create a tailored smart home system piece by piece. Just look for the green LightwaveRF symbol.

Using a LightwaveRF remote or smartphone, you can remotely dim, create preset moods and group as many dimmers and lamps as you like into a lighting scene. Each mood or scene can be recalled at the touch of a button. LightwaveRF Connect ‘plug & play’ Dimmer Sockets offer instant low cost mood lighting for any plug-in lamps you may wish to add as part of your lighting scene. A LightwaveRF Connect low energy CFL Bulb also offers instant remote control and even remote dimming; it can provide a steady clean light even when dimmed to 5% brightness. The only installation necessary is to substitute it for your existing bulb and you are ready to go!

Set the scene – The Master Wall Switch is battery operated, which allows you to position the switch in any convenient position in your room without the need for wiring. This switch can control any number of devices, dim lamps and create up to three mood lighting scenarios. It also can be used to turn off every light & socket when you leave the room. Using a connect remote or smartphone you can remotely dim, create preset moods and group as many dimmers and lamps as you like into a lighting scene. Each mood or scene can then be recalled at the touch of a button.”   :   Buy LightwaveRF Modules Here

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7 Comments on "Control Your Home from your iPhone with LightwaveRF Easy Retro-Fit Modules"

  1. I wonder if the RF link is two-way and you can remotely get the level of each controlled light

  2. Is lighwaveRF based on the 433.92MHz technology?
    If yes, then I wonder if it can receive commands from a RFXCOM lan/usb unit and therefore would work with HomeSeer?

  3. I have 6 rooms in my house fitted with wall switches (up to 3 way) and dimmers, energy monitor etc. The quality is excellent and the wifi link does allow you to control almost anything remotely. All my X10 kit is for scrap.

  4. “at a fraction of the price”

    Hmm, £25 for a light switch? £100 for a WiFi controller? Hardly breaking any cost barriers down, is it?

  5. Hi tried to contact the company about 5 days ago for some pdf’s on the units & what software can be used & do they have there own software. But no luck as yet

  6. ballast kits | November 17, 2011 at 6:56 am |


    Very nice.. even iphone can use to control lights. But it seems too expensive.

  7. I think it’s great. If people are moaning about the price, they clearly can’t afford home automation, and are probably only dreaming of installing it.

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