Cortexa Technology Launch New Home Automation System

Here’s an interesting new Home Automation system that promises to bring smart home controls that were previously only enjoyed by the rich and famous, into the reach of the rest of us.

“Home automation should be as accessible, affordable and as easy to use as other sub-systems in the home, like central heat and air,” says Joe Doran, Cortexa’s CTO. “An intelligent automation system offers more than convenience, security and peace of mind. In the long run, as it adapts to the habits of the household, it can also significantly reduce energy costs through smarter management of high consumption systems.”

Until now, home automation systems have been notoriously complex, using a combination of proprietary and customized software and hardware components. Cortexa simplified its system by making the user interface so easy to use that the homeowner can program the system themselves and make adjustments as the need arises. The software integrates to the most common sub-system platforms and is enhanced every week with customers receiving free upgrades.  The essential elements of a Cortexa home automation system include:

  • Cortexa 7201 home automation controller: This book-sized hardware is the brain of the system and is programmed to control the sub-systems and devices within the home.
  • In-wall, mobile touch screen, TV module, PC: Any of these devices allow the user to access the Cortexa system in the way that they choose, offering both flexibility and ease-of-use with familiar, graphic interfaces.
  • Secure Internet access to your Cortexa System: Using a standard web browser, the homeowner can securely access their home and view a screen that is identical to the one used at the home. There is no additional monthly fee for Internet access to the home.
  • Component and sub-system devices: A range of “smart” switches and controllers replace or attach to lighting, irrigation, audio/video, heat and air and other home sub-systems, allowing them to interact with the Cortexa “brain” (controller).

Currently, Cortexa is marketing the systems through alliances with homebuilders and home automation installers and by marketing directly to individuals.

Cortexa executives foresee increasing demand for simplified solutions to manage smart systems, like heating and cooling, and the numerous wired and wireless technologies used in the home. “As broadband Internet becomes ubiquitous and enables more applications, home automation becomes necessary to support our lifestyle. To homeowners, the ability to manage their home is becoming as important as the floor plan and finish out,” adds Martin.

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