Crestron Launches New 24″ V-Panel Touch Screen

Crestron V24-C Touch Panel

Crestron has announced the launch of its new 24″ V-Panel touch screen which combines full touch screen navigation, high performance graphics and HD video with DigitalMedia 8G connectivity, all on a 24″ high-definition widescreen display.

“The V24-C can unify all media in the home, lecture theatre or office on to a single HD interface with the addition of Crestron’s intuitive control functions. V24-C combines separate touch screens, TV displays and computer monitors into one visually stunning touch screen.

When connected to a Crestron DGE-2 Digital Graphics Engine the V24-C facilitates access to all digital media content, allowing the user to stream online music and videos, surf the web, perform real-time onscreen annotation and more, all without the need for a separate computer or displays.

“With our latest V-Panel you can watch TV, DVDs and HD video, browse the internet, or run a video conference with plenty of screen space to run multiple sources simultaneously,” says VP of Sales and Marketing for Crestron International, Robin van Meeuwen. “Connecting the V-Panel to the new Crestron Digital Graphics Engine, via 8G+ cabling, means the complete free range of media sources are seamlessly delivered at the touch of an icon via a single cable for fast, seamless delivery and low physical impact.”

Full Crestron HDCP support makes the new V-Panel the only touch screen that enables reliable viewing of computer-protected DVD, Blu-ray, digital HDTV, video streaming and multimedia computer sources.

With a swipe of the finger you can effortlessly browse through music and movie libraries, scroll through TV channels and radio stations, and select any desired control app from an intuitive menu of colourful 3D icons. On-screen keyboard and mouse capabilities enable complete control of the embedded web browser and other applications. A built-in USB port allows connection of a physical keyboard and mouse, providing the option of traditional computer operation.

The DGE-2 graphics engine (and related AV source wiring) is hidden up to 100 metres away in the main equipment rack. The V24 features a DM input. The input allows all signals to be transmitted over single CAT5e or DM 8G wire from the rack to the display. The single-wire connectivity, together with V24-C’s slim and sleek design, produces exceptionally clean installations in any room.

In addition to controlling lighting, AV presentation systems, home theatres, thermostats, and other systems, users can view content from multiple HD video sources such as DVD/Blu-ray players, computers, the internet, video conferences, security cameras and more, in multiple full motion video windows on V24-C’s ample 24″ widescreen.

Designed with versatility in mind, V24-C is ideal in a wide range of residential and commercial environments. Whether as a home controller and TV display in a kitchen, an annotation and presentation control panel for a university lecture theatre, or a video control panel for corporate applications, the V24-C combines the highest performance in control and HD display quality available.

Featuring advanced S-PVA display technology, V24-C delivers an incredible high-definition experience with rich colours and superb black depth and contrast. For a flawless picture from any viewpoint, ultra-wide 178 degree horizontal and vertical viewing angles produce consistent high picture quality without the need to be directly in front of the screen. The built-in HD scaler presents razor sharp 1080p60 video in the correct format no matter what source your content comes from.

V24-C offers flexible mounting options for any setting, whether mounted flush in a wall, tabletop stand or on an articulating arm. For more information about how you can bring the high-definition multimedia experience of V24-C to your home or commercial environment.”

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