Current State

Current State iPhone Interface

The “Current State” concept from The Greener Grass is an idea for monitoring and controlling power usage round the home – “Current State is a real-time energy use monitoring system and timer for powered devices combined into one.

The Current State system is made up of two parts, a mobile application for you cell phone, which allows you to control and monitor electricity use from anywhere, and a series of Plug-Ends that give you control over the products around your house.

The Current State software is designed to help users monitor their energy usage and take steps to control their energy consumption. Here is a closer look at some of the application’s features…

Usage and Goals – The Usage screens focus on energy consumption throughout your house. The main screen shows real-time energy rates and your overall usage in killowatt hours and dollars for your current billing period. An overall graphic of your home depicts rooms that are at high, acceptable, or low energy consumption.”  :  [Via:]

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