Another whole house audio solution is in-bound, this time from Cyrus.. “Like many of us, you may like to enjoy hi-fi quality audio in more than one room but don’t relish the idea of your house being stripped to the foundations to install the system. So the answer is to embrace new technologies and go wireless, thereby saving all the hassles and redecoration costs.

Interesting new technologies have developed at the leading edge of the Home Automation / Custom Installation (CI) industry and matured to the point where wireless audio transfer and Hard Disc storage of digital media are now feasible. Cyrus has developed and combined several of these individual new technologies to form a uniquely powerful system called Cyruslink.

The Cyruslink system offers very high quality audio along with the convenience of a central library for your music that can be accessed from anywhere in your home”.

Existing Cyrus Audio owners would expect Cyruslink components to sound stunning, but what you may not expect is that this fully featured multi-zone Hard Disc system could be so easy to operate.

Like Cyrus Audio systems you can expand the Cyruslink system from the central brain, the Linkserver component (where all your music is stored), adding simple music centre components called Linkports. The Linkserver is linked to your PC to enable easy download of media files from the Internet. Linkserver may also be linked to a Cyrus Audio system and because the Linkserver uses our acclaimed Cyrus Q DAC technology you can enjoy the convenience of up to 400 uncompressed albums (that’s almost 5,000 albums using MP3 compression). You can play them singly, randomly or by genre. The by genre option being a fabulous new way to rediscover your music collection.

As FM radio and an amplifier are already integral to the Cyrus Linkport, all you need do is add speakers to the room and you have a compact unit able to access your entire music collection. The power amp in the Linkport may be upgraded to the specification of a Cyrus power amp should you prefer higher performance now or in the future.

If you would rather not have any visible components in a zone, simply control the area from the Linkserver. This will give you high performance audio from your main library plus radio from your main system Cyrus FM X.

A system this powerful and flexible could have been incredibly complex to control so Cyrus offers easy, touch-screen, wireless, remote control software that allows you to control the system with a simple touch of the menu screen. Running on widely available PDAs, Webpads or Tablet PCs, our Linkwand software allows very easy visual control of the system. It even allows you to see the artwork of the album as you browse your library of music!


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