Cytech Launch New Site and Stainless Steel Keypad

Comfort Keypad

Cytech, creators of the Smart Home security system Comfort, have just launched a new website with an interactive demonstration of the system in action allowing the visitor to operate all the features in an imaginary home.   The demo shows how the system can be controlled during the day, at night, when the house is empty and when the owners are on holiday or away for business.

In addition Cytech have also launched a new version of the Comfort KP04 keypad with a stainless steel fascia that fits flush to the wall

A focal part of Cytech Europe’s Comfort Intelligent Home System, the keypad with internal speaker and microphone, can arm and disarm the security system, record or hear voicemail messages, control Comfort through the Home Control Menu, communicate with other keypads, doors stations and telephone, received infrared commands, hear alarm sounds and activate shortcut functions.

The new KP04-SS keypad from comes with a backbox that allows the stainless steel fascia to be flush mounted with the wall.   It measures 94 mm wide, 192 mm high and 36 mm deep.

“We developed this modification in response to feedback on the Comfort forums and because our end customers were looking for a flush mounted solution for a keypad.   We can customise keypads to meet special requirements”, said Oliver Barker, Systems Engineer at B & S Group Limited.” :

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  1. Um that is really ugly (i have comfort by the way) and would not use those.

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