Cytech Release Free Prontoscript for Comfort

Comfort Pronto Script

Cytech, creators of the Comfort smart home security system, have just released their new Prontoscript file for the Philips range of Wi-Fi universal remotes.  The free download gives full keypad emulation as well as control of C-Bus, EIB / KNX and X10 with others like Z-Wave, Dynalite, Ulti promised in the future,  Read on for all the details.

“We [Cytech] have developed a Prontoscript module which can be downloaded for free.  The module allows the Philips Pronto range of Wi-Fi enabled remotes – models TSU9300, TSU9400, TSU9600 and TSU9800 – to be used with the Comfort system.

The setup requires that users have a UCM/Ethernet/Audio module for their Comfort panel, however you don’t need the relatively expensive Philips RFX Extender to make this system work.

With this script installed, the Pronto remotes can control C-Bus, EIB / KNX and X10 through Comfort.  We are also developing more modules such as Z-Wave, Dynalite, Ulti, which will be added in the future.

You can arm and disarm the security system to Away, Night, Day and Vacation modes, and see the status of all zones, as well as alarm conditions including low battery, AC failure.  You can also download the Event Log from Comfort.  Full keypad emulation is possible when a speaker and microphone is connected to the Audio port of the UCM.

When someone presses the button on the Comfort Door station DS01 or DS02 with camera, video from the CCTV camera can appear on the Pronto’s screen (the camera must be connected to a video server) and you can even talk to the visitor at your door.”

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