D-Link Launch 3G Door Phone

D-Link 3G Door  Phone

What do you get if you cross a mobile phone, a cctv camera and a doorbell?  The new D-Link 3G Door Phone (DWM-351), a cellular knocker for the 21st century.  Available in the next few weeks (price still to be confirmed) the unit will allow you to see and communicate with visitors to your home – no matter where you are in the world, as long as you have cellular coverage.

“The 3G Door Phone acts like – and is powered the same as – an ordinary doorbell.  But it is not ordinary. It is the first doorbell of its kind to allow homeowners to view visitors to their property from wherever they are – at home or away – using their PC or 3G-enabled mobile phones.

A built-in fixed focus, .1 megapixel CMOS camera captures the images of visitors and streams the information to the PC or 3G mobile device, and allows hosts to see and talk to visitors in three different modes: snapshot, two-way voice call, and one-way 3G video.

With the 3G Door Phone, the host has the option of not answering the call, but can instead take a snapshot of the visitor. It also allows the host to dial in remotely to monitor the front door.

The device installs and is powered the same as a traditional doorbell, except it features a 3G card slot, camera, speaker and microphone. Encased in IP65 waterproof housing, the 3G Door Phone has an LED indicator that lets the homeowner know that the device is working, and an illuminated button allows easy visibility when it is dark outside.”

dlink.com   :   Y-Cam IP CCTV

5 Comments on "D-Link Launch 3G Door Phone"

  1. Didn’t Graham “Solarfish” Howe do something like this about 10 years ago.

    I’m sure that I read about it on UKHA back then?

    I realise that the fact this is now a commercial “off the shelf” product is different, though, so I’m still pleased to see it here.

  2. Huh? Since we all have wifi in the home, why did they make this a product which requires 3G cellular service?

  3. If the whole unit is located outside, how long before some thieving chav steals it?

  4. It would have been nice for it to use Wifi and then VOIP rather than 3G. Or even the house phone line.

  5. somebody knows when will be availiable price, stores?

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