DCM Launches Incontrol Webcam Edition


Digital Cybermasters Ltd today launched InControl Webcam Edition, a low-cost software package that transforms a common home PC equipped with a webcam into a state-of-the-art home automation and security system…

Whether you’re at home or away on holiday or business, InControl Webcam Edition is all you need to protect, control, view and automate your home using the power of the Internet, a webcam and your home PC.

InControl lets you control domestic appliances within your home using the popular X-10 range of low cost home automation modules. Most electrical devices can be controlled by InControl Webcam Edition simply by connecting an X-10 appliance module between the mains outlet and the device you wish to control. InControl Webcam Edition will let you switch appliances on and off, fade lights and more from the comfort of your PC. What’s more, you can even control of your home across the Internet! Using InControl’s sophisticated home automation scheduling features, you can literally ‘program’ your home so that X-10 automated appliances switch on and off automatically when you want them to. Your home can even react to movement within it – if someone walks in front of your webcam, you can configure lights (or other devices) to switch on automatically and then switch off again after a specified period of time!

InControl Webcam Edition lets you view and listen in on your home LIVE across the Internet from anywhere in the world using your webcam and Internet account! Using sophisticated real time streaming audio and video technology, InControl Webcam Edition lets you see and hear from home as if you were there in person! Your home doesn’t need to be permanently connected to the Internet either – our high-powered servers ensure that your PC only connects itself to the Internet when you want to dial in and look around! InControl Webcam Edition sells for £49.95 inc. VAT which includes 30 days FREE remote access to the user’s home via our servers. If, after this period of time has elapsed, the user wishes to continue the remote access service, a monthly subscription charge of £5.99 inc. VAT will be payable. By subscribing, however, the user will gain SMS mobile phone text messaging of security alerts (10 free text messages per month provided). If the user chooses not to take up this offer, InControl Webcam Edition will continue to provide them with localised motion detection and recording, email notification of incidents plus full home automation control and scheduling.”

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