Dimmer Switch Mini-Review

Submission by Jason Starkie – Bought one of these yesterday and fitted it for my sister.  The bit they don’t make clear is that it can learn a spare button on your existing AV remote !! (so it doesn’t come with a remote).  This makes it possible to have several Dimmer switches in the same room responding to different buttons on your remote programming was a bit complicated but once set up works great Quick press gives you on/off and long press controls brightness up/down

I know all the Hard core automators will not approve because your system will not know what state the light is in but what do you want for £22-98 inc VAT its a gift and looks good.

(H)91 x (W)91 mm, Touch/Remote Control Dimmer 1 Gang 400W/VA 1 Way, Polished Mirror Chrome with Bevelled Edge (also available in brass).  Use on mains voltage lighting (max 400w/250w gu10) or dimmable electronic transformers (max 320va)

Here is the website link Dimmer Switch

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