Domia Launches New Harmony CCTV Server

Domia have released information on a new addition to their Harmony home automation software range. The CCTV server application is available for £65.00, or bundled with a 4 channel DVR card for £160.00..

“Worried about home or office security? Try Domia’s brand new Harmony CCTV Server – a PC based CCTV Surveillance system which allows you to view and record real time video footage. A built-in web connects you directly to your Harmony system via another internet connected computer so you can view your cameras both locally or remotely. Integrate Harmony CCTV Server with Harmony 2007 to schedule events to run in response to camera images. For example, if motion is detected on a specific camera, a security light can be turned on for a time period.

  • Connect – Control either internal cameras via a capture card, webcam or external IP Cameras
  • Scale – Add and control as many cameras as your system can handle!
  • Power – Uses a multi-threading framework to fully maximise the latest high performance multi core processors
  • Record – Utilises the latest codec’s such as DIVX allowing you to you to use much less storage when recording
  • Alert – Full motion detection with the ability to mask specific parts of the camera as well as support to trigger events in other members of the harmony software family
  • Stream – Supports full RTSP streaming
  • Web – View and control your CCTV system from wherever you are in the world”

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