DomotiGa – New Open Source Linux Home Automation Software

DomotiGa Open Source Linux Home Automation

DomotiGa is a new Open Source Home Automation package from the Netherlands.  Written in Gambas basic and almost ready for release, DomotiGa supports X10, RFXCom, Oregon sensors, BlueTooth, Asterisk and many other hardware devices .

Introduction – DomotiGa is an Open Source Home Automation program written in Gambas basic.  In The Netherlands Home Automation is called Domotica, and since it is written in Gambas, I changed the last part of this word to ‘Ga’. This results in one of the few words that don’t have millions of hits in google, which is handy..
It runs on Linux and can read all kinds of sensor values, detect motion and it can schedule lights to turn on/off at certain times. By using an RFXCom receiver, Xanura CTX35 A10/X10 controller and/or a Midon TEMP08 1-wire interface and more.

Why – Why did you start writing yet another home automation program?  I have used Misterhouse for years. (I even created the -now very outdated- ia5 web interface) but like many of us lost the overview, it’s simply to massive.  After looking at other ‘so called open-source programs’ it turned out that although they where called open-source they didn’t have any code published, or you couldn’t hardly call it a program.

When I was busy to create a trimmed down version of Misterhouse I came across Gambas basic. I tried to code the functionality I used then in Gambas, and this turned out to be rather easy! I even build support for interfaces not available in Misterhouse yet and Gambas’s IDE is just great!

Status – No code has been released yet, but there will be soon.  I’m no coder by nature, so don’t expect top notch quality, but I will do my best to create a descent piece of software. And since it’s gonna be Open Source, we can make it better together.  See the Supported Hardware topic for more up to date information about the status of various modules.

Want to help? – I certainly can use some help developing this a bit more… This help can be in the form of tips and tricks, Gambas or Domotics related, ideas, brainstorm sessions, code snippets for new drivers (also example vb code is accepted), donations so I can write code to support new hardware, kudo’s etc etc…
If demand is high I can set up a svn repository for example.

Gambas, what is it?  Look here to get an impression…  :  :  :  Screenshots  :  Forums

[Thanks SVJ]

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