Door Camcorder with Color Monitor and Motion Sensor

Here’s an interesting little device that detects movement and then records video through the standard peephole of your door…”Did you know that burglars often come right up to the front door of a home and knock to make sure no one is at home before robbing a house? While you’re away for work or holiday, your home could be more vulnerable to break-ins. IntelliCorder is a new gadget to help protect your home and family. The IntelliCorder is a motion-activated surveillance system for your front door. Designed to let you see who’s on the other side of the door, it can provide security on demand. This patented door system uses a DVR (digital video recorder) and monitoring screen for real-time viewing and recording of anyone approaching your door within 2 meters… The unique system utilizes motion activation to capture audio & high-resolution video including a date/time stamp and length of recording. This is a great way to record any burglars who try to enter through your front door. You can also record the coming and going of visitors, your babysitter and children.

Its internal memory stores up to 28-megabytes of data with 3 options of recording modes which you can “store” or “delete” at any time. The storage is expandable with a removable SD card for loading into your computer.
This battery-operated cam is of DIY type to install, too, because there’s no wiring involved. It easily installs in less than ten minutes through a common 12.5mm peephole for any surface less than 65mm thick.  Dimension (approximate): 72mm L x 24mm D x 110mm H. Viewing screen is 1.5″

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